Eldorado Food & Wine

Indigo Vineyard, Eldorado
Fresh produce, farmgate to plate.

El Dorado’s history goes deeper than its mining relics and larger than life dredge.  Food production in the area was vital for keeping thousands of miners working, and this little piece of history is easily seen as you wander through El Dorado.   Many almond orchards can still be seen around town, as can ancient fig trees, as you explore the town you may even come across the old butchers shop. Wander a little further down the Woolshed Valley you will discover the remnants of the Chinese Market Gardens and the water races used to irrigate these gardens.


Today, this agricultural production is alive and well, with the region boasting garlic, chillies, cherries, wines, and even an apple orchard producing hand crafted cider.   The old Bakery in the heart of El Dorado has lovingly had its old Scotch Oven brought back to life baking homemade bread like never before.   Take the time to explore El Dorado’s fresh produce and farm gates and you will soon discover that there is more than gold to be found here.


Firebox Bakery99 Main St, Eldorado03 5725 1725
The McEvoy Tavern 37 Mackay St, Eldorado03 5725 1778

Wines & Cider

Eldorado Road Wines1317 Eldorado Rd, Eldorado03 5725 1698
Glenbosch Wine Estate1036 Beechworth-Wangaratta Rd, Everton Upper03 5727 0420
Indigo Vineyard1221 Beechworth-Wangaratta Rd, Everton Upper03 5727 0233
Mt Pilot Estate Wines208 Shannon Rd, Byawatha0419 243 225
Serengale Vineyard1168 Beechworth-Wangaratta Rd, Everton Upper03 5727 0558

Local Produce

Eldorado Garlic & Chillies53 Main St, Eldorado0498 251 742
Eldorado Orchards1317 Wangaratta-Eldorado Rd, Longdrigan0421 770 581