Glenrowan History & Heritage

History and heritage, Glenrowan
Kelly Country

Glenrowan was named after farmers James and George Rowan who ran farms in the area between 1846 and 1858. The township was settled in the late 1860s, the Post Office opening on 22 February 1870. The local railway station opened in 1874 and closed to passengers in 1981.

What come's to mind when you think of Glenrowan? For many the word Glenrowan is synonomis with Ned Kelly and the Siege. However, Glenrowan's history is far richer than just that of Ned Kelly. A region making wine for well over 130 years, the generational family run wineries are an important part of Glenrowan's heritage. Likewise, the Winton Wetlands and surrounding farm land of Taminick have a long, rich history of cropping and sheep enterprises. You'll be surprised by characters you meet and new friends you make along your journey.

Historic and welcoming - the best way to describe the region!