Marmungan Rock – Bullawah Cultural Trail

Bickerton Street, Wangaratta, Victoria, 3677MAP

    Marmungan Rock is at the beginning of the Bullawah Cultural Trail, with the word ‘Marmungan’ meaning ‘of this group/area’ – it is the closest traditional Pbangerang word for community. The featured handprints are an enduring tribute to outstanding individuals in our community. During National Reconciliation Week, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community recognises the Wangaratta Citizen of the Year.

    The Bullawah Cultural Trail project was created to celebrate and share the ancient stories, knowledge and skills of local Indigenous people.

    Bullawah (bulla meaning two and wah meaning water) signifies the two suspension bridges crossing the river as well as the joining of the two rivers and the coming together of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. As you journey the trail, you are invited you to share in stories of the Pangerang people to learn more of how they lived here and the importance of country to their culture.

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