Sunrise Track

Wangaratta South

  • Walk type:
  • Grade: Grade 3
  • Distance: 6 km
Walk Description

This is a complex of tracks providing a choice of 2-6km walks from moderate to hard. The walks start from the end of Deloro Road. The last 500 metres of the road is rough and may be impassable to vehicles in a wet season. Walkers have two alternatives for commencement, either following the fenceline north just inside the gate, or to head westwards straight up the slope. The tracks do join, and for variety it is suggested that you follow the fenceline, and rejoin the main track further up. If you do this, the track will lead you to an old quarry which has a great view of the Ovens Plain and the mountains beyond.

The quarry was noted for it's pink granite, and the Anglican Cathedral in Wangaratta was built of this stone. Follow the track past the quarry and after a reasonably steep climb you will soon join the main track. Continue further into the Range. You will soon see a track leading to the right. Continue further into the first of a number of loops that walkers can take according to the time and distance that they may wish to spend. To do the full walk, take this track to the right (the Sunrise Loop) and follow it in an anti-clockwise direction including the Taminick Loop. If you do not want to do the full walk, take the same track but turn left off it when you come to the Bracken Link, or continue on and take the next turn to the left. These alternative tracks link with the Sunrise Loop and eventually bring you back to the escarpment and down the slope to the carpark.