Bird Watching

Glenrowan, Bird Watching
A bird lovers paradise.

Bird lovers will be attracted to the Warby-Ovens National Park due to the number of bird species that call this park home.

The Warbys is one of the few places in Victoria where the turquoise parrot can be found. Because they are ground feeders, they are mostly seen in late summer and autumn when large flocks can be spotted feeding on the open grasslands.

In the wooded area you can hear the plaintive cry of the white-winged chough. These large black and white birds live in colonies and build huge mud nests high in the trees.

Migratory birds including wood-swallows, cuckoos, robins, rainbow bee-eaters, white-winged trillers, kingfishers and kurrawongs visit in season.

Nector feeding birds such as honey-eaters are common because of the variety of flowers such as grevillea.

The powerful owl and other raptors including the peregrine falcon inhabit the park. The powerful owl is not plentiful because of the large range of territory needed by each pair. They feed mainly on small marsupials such as the sugar glider.

Wenhams Camp is a good area for bird watching. There is a picnic ground and camping sites at the location, as well as acting as the commencement of the Friends Track. Robins, tree-creepers, jacky winters, grey shrike-thrushes, willy wag-tails and many other birds can be seen at Wenhams.

Stop by and see the team at the Visitor Information Centre. They will be able to provide you with a "Interesting Bird List" that was compiled by a local birdwatcher, making day-to-day observations at Wenhams and at Pine Gully easy.