Winton Wetlands

Water birds at Winton Wetlands
In the wild

Located in north east Victoria, Winton Wetlands features 3,800 ha of ephemeral (seasonal) wetlands surrounded by over 4,950 ha of red gum and box grassy woodland.


Home to a huge variety of flora and fauna, keep an eye out for kangaroos, wallabies, native marsupials, turtles, wetland birds and birds of prey as you explore.


Pick up a map from the Mokoan Hub & Cafe and discover Winton Wetlands from the comfort of your car, stop to take in a short walk, or cycle one of the many bike trails.


The infamous Silo Trail Art Tank by Guido Van Helten, depicting three local CFA volunteers, can be found at the Winton North Road and Boggy Bridge Road intersection – a photo opportunity not to be missed!


Navigate the extended art trail and swim with the fish painted on the trees at Boggy Bridge Road, explore the Water Gallery at Ashmeads Swamp, find Hilda Bain’s portrait and Gallery Kaiela Turtle sculpture at The Lunette. Let the landscape art tell you stories from the wetlands.


Spanning thousands of years, Winton Wetlands provides an insightful glimpse into Aboriginal cultural heritage and serves as recognition of continuous importance.


As night falls, set up camp at Greens Hill. Clear, unobstructed skies free from light pollution provide an unforgettable evening under the stars.


The wetlands are in a constant state of change so every visit reveals something new. Find out what makes Winton Wetlands such a special place.


Commence or complete your visit with a stop at the Mokoan Hub & Cafe.

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Winton Wetlands reserve open daily (with the exception of CFA declared days of Total Fire Ban).


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