King River Fishing

Upper King River Road, Cheshunt 3678

The King River is a great place to go fishing. The river rises in forested mountains east of Mt Buller and flows 30km to Lake William Hovell. It then flows through farmland for 70km where it merges with the Ovens River in Wangaratta.

In the upper reaches of the river past Lake William Hovell, access requires walking from the Upper King River Road or requires a 4WD.  Fish species you may catch include brown trout, rainbow trout, small blackfish, redfin and mountain galaxias.

From Lake William Hovell to Wangaratta the river flows in gentle hill terrain to Moyhu then in a wide flat valley to Wangaratta. In the upper and middle reaches, the river flows in a wide channel with low banks and extensive exposed gravel and rubble banks along the sides of the channel. At Edi, the river is up to 30 metres in width with extensive riffles 30-50 cm deep and pools 140-180 cm deep. Nearer to Wangaratta at Oxley, the channel is narrower with sand substrate and exposed sandbanks on the inside of bends. The water depth increases with runs 40-80 cm deep and pools 130-200 cm deep.

From Lake William Hovell to Edi you may catch trout, blackfish, mountain galaxias, redfin and European carp.

Downstream from Edi can contain European carp, redfin, golden perch and Murray cod.


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