Family-friendly Activities with a Touch of History

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Wangaratta offers visitors much more than just stunning landscapes and delicious food. The town has a rich history, providing a unique opportunity to explore and learn while having fun.  

With the historic gold rush town of Eldorado and legendary bushranger tales of Glenrowan, Wangaratta has a wide range of accessible historical sites for families. Wangaratta’s attractions offer educational and entertaining activities which will captivate visitors of all ages. 


Eldorado: Stepping Back in Time to the Gold Rush Era 

The picturesque town of Eldorado is one of Wangaratta’s family-friendly heritage sites. It presents an opportunity for families to dive into the excitement of the gold rush period. Visitors can spend a delightful day by the creek, trying their luck at gold panning and exploring the natural beauty of the area.  

The Eldorado Historic Sites Walk is a self-guided tour that takes you through the town's significant mining and commercial sites, giving you a glimpse into the lively history from the 1850s to 1950s. This educational adventure not only entertains but also provides a deeper understanding of the region's past, making Eldorado a must-visit destination. 

Glenrowan: The Last Stand of the Kelly Gang 

Glenrowan is a town that is well-known for its connection to the notorious Kelly Gang, offering a fascinating journey into the history of Australia's bushrangers. Families can explore the dramatic events that led to Ned Kelly's last stand using the town's museums and the comprehensive Glenrowan Heritage Siege Precinct walking map.  

The Ned Kelly Discovery Hub is an interactive centre with a captivating design, where visitors can engage with the narrative surrounding one of Australia's most iconic historical figures.  


The Bullawah Cultural Trail and Bush Tucker Garden 

The Bullawah Cultural Trail celebrates Wangaratta's Indigenous heritage and offers families an insightful journey through the stories and traditions of the local Bpangerang people. This trail is accessible and features informative plaques and interactive QR codes that allow visitors to engage with the ancient stories and knowledge of the Indigenous community.  

The trail also includes a Bush Tucker Garden, providing a unique opportunity to learn about native flora and their uses in traditional Aboriginal diets and medicine. The Bullawah Cultural Trail is an enriching experience that fosters a deeper appreciation for the land and its original custodians. 


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Family Fun with a Historical Twist 

Wangaratta, with its diverse range of historical and cultural attractions, is an ideal destination for families seeking a blend of entertainment, education, and exploration.  

The town's rich historical tapestry, from the gold rush adventures in Eldorado to the bushranger saga in Glenrowan and the Indigenous heritage along the Bullawah Cultural Trail, offers a wealth of experiences that are both engaging and informative. 

These family-friendly activities not only promise a fun getaway but also an opportunity to connect with a unique history and culture.