Wangaratta Family Cycling Guide

family cycling

If you’re looking for family activities, Wangaratta boasts some of the best, especially when it comes to cycling. Nestled in the heart of Victoria, Wangaratta is a haven for bike riding enthusiasts of all ages.

Whether you're seeking a leisurely ride along scenic riverside trails or want to challenge your teenagers on an adrenaline-pumping day trip destination through picturesque farmland, Wangaratta offers a track for everyone.

Here's a guide to cycling in Wangaratta:

For Ages 0-10: Templeton St Boat Ramp Carpark to Apex Park Return

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Start your little ones' cycling journey with a gentle 2.1km ride from Templeton St Boat Ramp Carpark to Apex Park. Follow the Bullawah Cultural trail alongside the serene Ovens River, crossing charming swing bridges and passing by a secret fairy garden that will enchant young riders.

Arrive at Apex Park for a well-deserved break, where kids can play, enjoy a BBQ lunch,

And soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings. With shaded paths lined by native trees, this route provides the perfect introduction to cycling for young adventurers.

For Ages 10-15: Wangaratta Pump Track to Oxley and Back

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For teens and older children, we suggest embarking on this flat 21.7km ride from Wangaratta Pump Track to Oxley and back. Follow the scenic route along One Mile Creek before joining the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail.

Pedal beneath the Hume Freeway and alongside the tranquil King River, immersing yourself in the beauty of the countryside. Take a break in Oxley at the park, where toilets and water stations are available, or indulge in a meal at one of the nearby wineries or restaurants. This route offers a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation for young cyclists.

For Ages 15+: Bowser Rail Trail Station to Everton

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For more experienced riders, tackle the 23km journey from Bowser Rail Trail Station to Everton. Enjoy a mostly flat route with a small climb near Everton Rail Trail Station, passing through stunning farmland and crossing picturesque creeks via charming bridges. Keep an eye out for native birdlife and kangaroo sightings along the way, adding an extra layer of excitement to your ride.

Upon reaching Everton, treat yourself to a famous milkshake from the General Store or savour a meal and drink at The Evo Hotel. Consider riding back to Bowser or arranging a shuttle with one of the bike-carrying companies in the area for a hassle-free return journey.

Make Wangaratta Your Cycling Destination

Cycling in Wangaratta offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration, from gentle riverside jaunts to exhilarating countryside expeditions.

Whether you're embarking on a family-friendly outing or seeking a thrilling ride with friends, Wangaratta's scenic routes and charming pit stops ensure a memorable cycling experience for all ages. So, dust off your bike, grab your helmet and hit the trails to discover the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Wangaratta on two wheels.