Arts, Culture & History



Wangaratta is a vibrant centre for arts, culture, and heritage, and we are home to several galleries, museums, festivals, and events throughout the year.


Immerse yourself in a vibrant and exciting calendar of events. Enjoy celebrations of food and wine, such as Weekend Fit For A King or the La Dolce Vita Festival. There is something for everyone in Wangaratta.


For thousands of years, the area was home to the Bpangerang People. ‘Wangaratta’ is the Bpangerang word for the long neck cormorant, and these birds are a common sight on our two beautiful rivers, the Torryong (Ovens) & Poodumbia (King).  


This is just one of many cultural insights to be gained from a trip to Wangaratta. We encourage all to come and learn the ancient creation stories of Byamee (the creator) and immerse yourself in the plight of Mary Jane Milawa on the Bullawah Cultural Trail.


Head down to Glenrowan, the site of the final siege and capture of the Kelly gang in 1880. The great Australian story of bushrangers and police troopers is preserved through the township and can be easily explored via a self-guided tour, taking in all the key sites of their historic last siege.  


Around the same time, another rich vein of bushranger folklore was happening across Eldorado and Woolshed Valley.  A trip around these parts is not to be missed, as you’ll spot old miners' huts, the old police station and the affectionately named 'floating monster' of the Eldorado Dredge.