Best Spots for Kids' Fishing Around Wangaratta

Best Spots for Kids' Fishing

Wangaratta is not just a haven for wine enthusiasts and foodies but also the perfect spot for families looking to get into nature and enjoy some family activities. The town and its surroundings boast a variety of recreational fishing spots perfect for introducing the younger ones to the joy of fishing.  

Here are some of the best family-friendly fishing spots around Wangaratta that promise a good catch and some great family time. 


Northern Beaches 

Wangaratta’s Northern Beaches offer an easily accessible fishing haven with a car park reachable by any 2wd vehicle. A walking track unfolds numerous access points to the serene Ovens River, fringed with sandy beaches ideal for a family day out. The waters here are teeming with Murray Cod, and with some luck, you might also encounter the rare Trout Cod, a protected species, that is prohibited to take in Wangaratta, and it must be returned to the water.

You may also find the occasional Golden Perch or Carp (remember, it's illegal to throw Carp back). Whether you prefer lures or traditional bait like worms, Northern Beaches cater to all fishing styles, making it perfect for experts and newcomers alike. 


Frank Garth Reserve 

Frank Garth Reserve is a picturesque spot where the Ovens and King Rivers meet. The reserve offers a blend of sandy beaches for casual anglers and rocky areas for those with a bit more fishing experience. 

The reserve is shaded by lush trees, making it a comfortable fishing spot even on sunny days. Murray Cod is the star catch here, and like Northern Beaches, various baits and lures are effective. 


Sydney Beach 

Wangaratta’s Sydney Beach boasts a large sandy expanse along the Ovens River, complete with a sealed carpark and a charming swing bridge.  

The beach offers ample room for fishing, and for those looking to explore, a bike path with three jetties provides additional fishing spots. Murray Cod are abundant, and the protected Trout Cod makes an occasional appearance. 

Kids' Fishing Around Wangaratta

Pioneer Bridges (Everton) 

A 20-minute drive from Wangaratta, Pioneer Bridges in Everton is a scenic spot by the Ovens River. The area is known for its large sandy beaches and some shaded spots, making it an ideal location for a family picnic and fishing day.  

The waters here are home to a healthy population of Murray Cod and Trout Cod, with Carp also being a common catch.  

Oxley Reserve 

A 15-minute drive from Wangaratta, Oxley Reserve offers a sandy beach and easy river access at the end of a drive through a camping reserve.  

With camping options available, it's perfect for a weekend fishing getaway. The King River flows through the reserve, where Murray Cod and Trout Cod are common catches. Unlike the trout Cod, Murray Cod are free to take. Accessible by 2wd in dry conditions, it's a great spot for those looking to combine camping and fishing. 

Frost Reserve (Killawarra) 

Frost Reserve, a 15-minute drive from Wangaratta, is a secluded gem along the Ovens River. With numerous access points to the river, large sandy beaches, and shaded areas, it's an idyllic spot for family fishing. 

The reserve supports a thriving Murray Cod and Trout Cod population, along with Golden Perch and Carp. The reserve is also home to a thriving Koala population, adding an exciting wildlife spotting opportunity.  

While most of the reserve is 2wd accessible, some tracks may require a 4wd after rain. 


Choose Wangaratta for Your Next Getaway 

Wangaratta and its surrounds offer a plethora of fishing spots that are not only rich in aquatic life but are also family-friendly and accessible, ensuring that the young and old, the experienced and newcomers, can all enjoy fishing together.  

Whether you're a local or visiting, these spots promise a memorable fishing experience for the entire family.