Northern Beaches

College Street, Wangaratta 3677

Located along the Ovens River this secluded part of Wangaratta offers a walking and bike trail that makes the most of the unspoilt natural beauty. There are two beaches in this area, namely Platypus Beach and Kingfisher Beach. Both are small and sandy and appropriately named after some of the local wildlife found in the area.

The area is full of wonderful native Australian wildlife including Bats, Possums, Sugar Gliders, Echidna’s, Long-necked turtles and Platypus. During the day you may also be lucky enough to see a variety of birds including Azure Kingfishers, White-throated and Brown Treecreepers, Eastern Yellow Robins and Grey Shrike-thrush.

There is also plenty of native vegetation including Silver Wattle, River Red Gums, River Bottlebrush, River Tea Tree, Sweet Bursaria, Weeping Grass and Tussock Grass, as well as Common and River Buttercups.

This part of modern-day Wangaratta historically provided an important source of food and items for the local indigenous people. On the stretch of walkway between Kingfisher and Platypus beaches there is a ‘canoe tree’ where it can be clearly seen a bark canoe was once cut out.

Northern Beaches Wangaratta can be reached either by following Bullawah Cultural Trail from Apex Park or by car via Park Lane and College Street behind the Barr Reserve.


  • Carpark
  • Family Friendly
  • Non Smoking


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