Warby Falls Heritage Trail

Booth Road, Taminick 3675

This trail offers two options for hiking: a 3.2-kilometer one-way walk that takes approximately two hours, or a 7.4-kilometer loop that takes approximately five hours. The trail is classified as a Grade four walk.

Starting from the carpark on Booth Road, the trail takes you through a gully that features a historic sawmill, weirs, sheep washes, dams, and waterfalls (which may be dry during summer). The hike ends at the carpark located near the intersection of Booth Road and Baileys Road, next to the Taminick Winery.

The trail's difficulty varies throughout, with a gentle gradient at the beginning and end and steep inclines in the middle, along with multiple obstacles and undulating terrain. Hikers should be in good physical condition to tackle this trail.


  • Family Friendly


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