The Best Fishing Spots Around Wangaratta

Northern Beaches

The Best Fishing Spots Around Wangaratta 

Words and images by Sian Brain - We Are Explorers.      

If you’re the type of person who loves to sit by a river with a line in the water you’ll love Dirrawarra / Wangaratta. There are fishing spots perfect for a quick cast, or a day-long fishing sesh. 

We acknowledge that this adventure is located on Bpangerang Nation, the traditional Country of the Bpangerang people who have occupied and cared for this land and waters for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded. 

Where to Chuck in a Line Around Wang 

Want to stick close to town? Easy done. Want to escape to bubbling river rapids that make you feel like you’re about to see salmon leap out of the water with Alaskan bears swiping their paws at them? Sure, Wang has that, minus the bears. 

As we’re a bunch of fishing novices, we called up local YouTube sensation Robbie from Robbie Fishing to give us the inside scoop and show us the best spots to fish in Wangaratta. Let’s run through them; 

1. Frank Garth Reserve 

Location: In the heart of Wangaratta 
Type of fish: Murray cod 

We started fishing right in Wangaratta at Frank Garth Reserve. This beauty of a spot is where the Torryong / Ovens and Poodumbia / King Rivers meet and is a significant meeting place for the Pangerang people. It’s central to town and is a great location to chuck the line in if you’re staying in Wang. 

2. The Northern Beaches 

Location: Close to town but secluded 
Type of fish: Murray cod 

If you venture 600 metres north of Wangaratta you’ll find yourself at the Northern Beaches. This section of bank is also the Torryong / Ovens River, but is a bit more scenic and has a great spot for swimming too. 

If you can get your hands on a rod, fly fishing is recommended in these parts. Cod are lazy buggers and will sit in their homes under logs or in undercut banks and wait for their prey to land on top of them. 

3. Poodumbia / King River 

Location: All through the King Valley 
Type of fish: Murray cod, brown trout, two spine blackfish, rainbow trout, mountain galaxias, Murray spiny crayfish, redfin, European carp, golden perch 

If you have the time, fishing in the King Valley is a must. This is where you will find the grey stones and boulders, crystal clear alpine waters and be graced with a stunning mountainous backdrop. There’s over 100km of river to choose from, so you’ll be hard-pressed running into another fisher. 

Psssst! Not a bad spot for a dip either! 

Essential Gear 

  • Fly fishing rod 

  • Fishing flies 

  • Beer! 

  • Lunch 

  • A chair to sit in 

  • Coupla mates 

Fishing License 

You can grab a three-day Victorian fishing licence for just $10 buckaroos! 

Best Time of Year 

You can get lucky fishing all year round, but as May comes around and the water temperature drops the fish are less active. 

Be sure to check when open season is for the different species. You can check this on the Victorian Fisheries Authority before you head out. 

Photos thanks to @henry_brydon and @bee_pinkydooney