Wangaratta’s Local Brewery Trail



Located in the picturesque Victoria's High Country, Wangaratta is famous for its excellent wineries. However, it is also becoming a popular destination for craft beer. Wangaratta’s blend of natural beauty and urban charm provides a diverse range of flavours and experiences for those who want to discover the lively Wangaratta beer tasting scene. 

Here are some of Wangaratta’s best: 


King River Brewing 

King River Brewing is a microbrewery located in the beautiful King Valley, a popular spot for beer enthusiasts. They take pride in offering a diverse range of beers, which are served fresh from their brewery just a short distance away. With twelve rotating taps, visitors can enjoy a variety of beers that capture the essence of the region and are always changing.  

The brewery's taproom is located in a repurposed tobacco kiln and showcases the area's agricultural heritage, providing a rustic ambience that complements the craft beer experience. Visitors can enjoy the expansive beer garden that surrounds the brewery, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing afternoon of beer tasting. 


Black Dog Brewery 

Located in the tranquil Glenrowan Wine Region, Black Dog Brewery is a true testament to the art of craft brewing. This small-scale brewery, situated at the historic Taminick Cellars winery, is renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation.  
By employing traditional brewing techniques and using only the purest ingredients, Black Dog Brewery produces beers that are both delicious and reflective of the region's rich brewing history. The century-old cellar door setting enhances the tasting experience with a touch of historical charm, making Black Dog Brewery a destination not to be missed for anyone exploring the craft beer offerings of Wangaratta. 


ewenbell brewery.jpg  


Pedal Slowly 

Located in the heart of Wangaratta's CBD, Pedal Slowly is the newest addition to the town's beer scene. Since its opening in February, this brewhouse has become a popular destination for both locals and visitors.  
Pedal Slowly is quickly becoming known for its great atmosphere, bar foods, and exceptional beers. Pedal Slowly is a testament to the ongoing growth and innovation of Wangaratta's beer community. 


Buffalo Brewery 

Located just a short drive from Wangaratta, in the charming town of Boorhaman, you'll find Buffalo Brewery—a place that also functions as the Boorhaman Hotel. This brewery is the quintessential Australian pub, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere, classic pub food, and a fantastic selection of local beers and wines. 

If you're looking for an authentic country experience and love beer, then Buffalo Brewery is the place to go. They've got a dog-friendly beer garden, and the pub's ambience is genuinely Australian. So, head on over to Buffalo Brewery and indulge in some country hospitality while sipping on some locally brewed beer. 


A Beer Aficionado’s Delight 

Wangaratta boasts a lively beer scene that is deeply ingrained in the town's cultural fabric. Each brewery in the area offers a unique experience, with its own distinct atmosphere and range of beers to sample.  

From the rustic charm of King River Brewing to the historical appeal of Black Dog Brewery, the up-and-coming Pedal Slowly, and the classic Aussie pub experience at Buffalo Brewery, Wangaratta has something for everyone when it comes to beer. 

Whether you're an experienced beer aficionado or a casual drinker, Wangaratta's beer trail is great for anyone who enjoys a cold one.