Top hikes in Wang

Mt Glenrowan Sunrise


Wangaratta is home to a great range of cycling and hiking trails suited to all ages and abilities, each trail is graded in terms of difficulty and distance, making it easier than ever to find the best walks out there for you.

Seeing as you’re spoilt for choice, we thought we’d highlight a few favourites!

Mt Glenrowan lookout walk

Known for its rich history and gourmet wineries, Glenrowan is home to the scenic Mt Glenrowan Lookout Walk. With panoramic views of the snowcapped Victorian Alps, and the sweeping views of the King Valley and Warby Ovens River, this one is sure to take your breath away.

Eldorado Dredge loop

A town renowned for its gold mining roots, the Eldorado Dredge Loop offers a short scenic stroll around the pond as you explore one of Australia’s most authentic country towns. If you’re up for more of an adventure, the Eldorado Shared Path is just that, winding its way through the town, showcasing the many of the historical landmarks as well as natural beauty.

Powers Lookout

In the heart of the King Valley, you’ll find Powers Lookout, the once-upon-a-time hideout of Victorian bushranger, Harry Power. It has amazing views of surrounding mountains and valleys, including the King Valley and the Victorian Alps as well as some of the region’s spectacular native flora and fauna.

Mt Cobbler walking track 

Venture into the Alpine National Park to find Mount Cobbler, a mountain renowned for its picturesque, rocky alpine summit. A bit more on the challenging end of the scale, the Mount Cobbler Walking Tracks offers breathtaking scenery and a unique insight into the region’s beautiful wild flowers, with a 10km track culminating to an open plain right amongst the Victorian High Country.  


From rigorous mountain hikes to scenic casual strolls, the Rural City of Wangaratta is the perfect region to suit your next adventure, with an abundance of tracks and trails to enjoy during your stay.

To learn more about these tracks and discover over 50 others in the region, download a copy of our Tracks and Trails Guide or get a hardcopy from the Wangaratta Visitors Information Centre